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the merry go round of life

itsudemo shiawase ni natteitai

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Hi there, my name is Amaya (雨夜) and nice to meet you!
This is my journal and I love books, manga, otome games, etc.
A natural closet-otome, I tend to fall into things at first sight.
In my free time, I do various things in turns. Sometimes practicing my Japanese>English skills. Sometimes it might be listening to drama CDs or playing games. Reading also, when I get the time and space *W*v

>>LJ is my place to rant so I tend to be more 'marble-losing' than usual. It's also semi-friends only. :3

For the Summer'13 anime, I'm watching FREE! -Iwatobi Swim Club-.
English books tend to be classics or romances but I'm looking into a few recommendations!
Japanese books are mostly manga but now I've started novels and light novels.

I speak mainly English but also understand Malay, Chinese and Japanese (self-taught).