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Hi there and welcome to my journal!

BANNER made by misako_chan
CHARACTERS belong to Ruby Party, Kure Yuki and Koei Tecmo Games☆

At the moment, I have moved to Tumblr. Not that I write like I do at LJ but just some place for the moment. by the way, my otome stuff are at WP.
I am still thinking of where to go after since LJ has been a sanctuary for my thoughts and myself. It's where I found friends and truly felt me for the first time.
Thank you so much to Dori-chan and Alyyn as well as other friends that I've met here. Thank you!!!




Dead feelings.

Trying to NOT shoot my own foot with these crazy thoughts having their mind of their own.

Why am I so inclined to think the negative when it's not EVEN screaming my name on it?

I'm so tired of this.



Really hungry.

I want a PSP ---- (to play AMNESIA with w and other games really. Like HanaIchi (look interesting); Shinigami to Shoujo; I wonder about Clock Zero... they are tons of commercial otome games but ah, unfortunately on the PSP)

I want manga and all that (hit)

Anyways, just gonna hang on to my dreams and start thinking about what kind of stuff I want (not going to say more about it, but). *winkwink* to self XDDD

Got really ticked off when Mum blames Dad for not watching the road (it turned green; none of us noticed and someone honked) while she asked him to check something. - ____________ -

Just really another lethargic day. (sighs)


Now that I'm in the topic

Have I fallen?

From my dreams.

Could I be unshackled?

From my own past and upbringing.

It's always easy at the start but when it gets me to unknown territory, I'll be thinking so much about it. How do I handle it exactly? I have zero experience (on the positive side) so it's mind-boggling and I'm at wits end here. Wasting away.

Not that anyone's gonna read this. Deadjournal eh.


Just because I feel I want to

Call me a pervert but this cover is just, I love it! I guess it's because the anatomy isn't screaming to be noticed but it's subtle in a way (which is a plus point with me). Not to mention Hoshi-san... I last heard him in StarrySky in Summer. As the senpai. And now you're doing this?? (takes in extra oxygen)

The Flower's Bakumatsu(?)  The Butterfly that Falls in Love
I guess that's the meaning of the title //w//

It's based on an existing game (I believe) by Aura which are available in iOS and Android. Saw the website for the CD a few days ago. (squealing much, haha)

I haven't listen to much CDs this year. There aren't much to attract me. I LOVE Kyuuketsu Darling though (it means Blood-sucking though; when it has a '-ki' as in Kyuuketsuki, it means vampire.)

Oh right, I listened to Yumoriseki vol.1 on the train yesterday. I was laughing so hard and Miki-san is really adorable--- >W<
Sorry I'm being weird on the train (to the passengers) www

Right now, I really need to rest my head. Slept late last night.

Toodles~~ (bricked)

A week later.

Hi there~~~~

Haven't wrote much last week because:

1. First Lucian broke and I couldn't start it. (Thursday)
1.5 I tried to find out what's wrong but couldn't do it until Friday night. Here, I know that there's something wrong with the HDD.
1.75 Tried to repair it but no response.
2. It was only until Saturday that I brought it to a repair store.
3. I found the HDD dead (kaput) on Sunday.

In between, I was stressed about it and had a really bad time with myself due to the stress-induced headaches and the fact that I couldn't sleep well. It got really bad on Friday night and my eyes are really swollen, so I was really in a bad place.

The store I went to was just (make me wanna scream).

Anyways, they should just ask what the customers want to achieve (to have it usable again; what about the HDD/data; budget; is it urgent etc) because

1. It's easier to do your job and not only (blindly) reformat/replace parts and poof, you can use the PC again! (hands over laptop)
2. Everyone is happy.

Hahaha, whatever. It makes me wanna be their competitors.

The things of the world.

Well, this is only one of them. -w-

I don't know whether your behaviour or attitude towards things like what you're doing as an occupation has something against someone different (just not individuals; but collectively as a different culture, not just physically) but I wish you well. I'm not at the end yet, pfft, I'm only starting round 1 tomorrow.

To make money off things like this, perhaps, it is the guaranteed way to make money at such times but...

to make money off such things. We take money and everything else in return too lightly. Hiking up prices of one item leads to hike to the rest of the things in that reaction-chain(?). Much importance has been set to earn more; set the quality of life higher, etc. I don't mind having a higher quality of life but at what cost? Seeing how everyone is trying half dead to make more money when time has been set faster by the pace of our technology; what is now, the meaning of life?

We chase and chase; climbing high up the ladder; what is there at the end?

Is money our goal? What should be our goal?

How far-reaching we can reach but limited by the barriers of wealth (I am referring, to how people could fly (practically, go anywhere) everywhere but limited to money that we can spend on; or that healthcare is not much about mending people's health but the fault that technology to be in place to help people who are differently able-d are too expensive; even when it aids them to regain footing in their daily life. It is important, I see, to bring home the bacon (or return of interest) with the many research (and funds) that people has put into. But how many people are able to benefit from it?

Perhaps too much emphasis has been placed on giving one=receiving one in return. Life isn't like that. We give more than we would receive.